Angela Whitelaw
Writer of happy/sad songs that are burdened with unspoken truths, honesty, and potent allegories smiling darkly just below the surface.
Intimate broken-voiced testaments to... quiet defeats, failing hearts, and impossible magical things.
A native of Stranraer in the South of Scotland, influenced by her heroes, Nick Drake, Joan Baez, Angela Hardy.
"Things can change in an instant" she thought, as she twirled a strand of hair between her fingers. She looked across the small café table at a young man with eyes the colour of August. She hadn’t known him for long, yet she’d already told him so much about herself. Her childhood home where she'd lived an imaginary life; a lost princess awaiting a prince.
Behind them, on a low stage, a woman played guitar; singing softly, sweetly. Her voice complemented the mood of the dimly lit space. The melodies shimmied through the open windows to join the currents of a late summer breeze.
Earlier they’d been caught in the rain; a quick shower that had left the street dark & slick. The wet black surface reflected the city lights, creating a rippling kaleidoscope of colour; patterns moving in time with the music, music of lilac & suede. She closed her eyes, allowing the moment to break the silence of her heart.
How things can change. “in an instant,” she thought, “impossible magical things.”